Win editors and influence publishers. To write like a professional, you need to know what the professionals know. Learn the essential trade secrets that spell the difference for a professional manuscript, including format, structure, self-editing techniques, and focus for your target audience.
$100 per hour
6 hours for $500


Develop your manuscript to be publisher-ready. Professional editing by an award-winning and best-selling author is the final polish that assures your message is clear and strong.
$100 per hour
$1000 for 11 hours


Get equipped through interactive workshops. Learn the Five Improvements Every Writer Can Make By Noon; Writing Essentials You Have to Know; Vital Fiction Techniques; Creative Characters; Dynamic Dialog; Secrets of Sensational Settings; Pivotal Plots; Crafting Winning Queries and Proposals; and Books Writers Should Read.
$500 per workshop
$1000 for three

  • Coaching
  • $100hour
  • 6 hours for $500
  • Editing
  • $100hour
  • $1000 for 11 hours
  • Workshops
  • $500workshop
  • $1000 for three