November 2015

Full House to Empty Nest

By |November 23rd, 2015|

Full house to empty nest is a natural shift as children grow into adults. During the holidays it is an honor when the grown kids – now adults – come home. While my seven […]

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Too Many Bibles?

By |November 13th, 2015|

I received a Bible catalog in the mail. Can you remember when we had two Bibles – KJV and one other version for the not-as-spiritual? This catalog is 68 pages of Bibles in every […]

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Got Parenting Questions?

By |November 4th, 2015|

Bonding With Your Child Through Boundaries was the featured topic on the Debbie Chavez show. Debbie is a dynamic communicator, a talented interviewer, and fired up about my parenting book with June Hunt. Thank […]

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October 2015

Home: Art Studio For Life

By |October 28th, 2015|

“What did she use this time?” The kind man who cleans my white carpets squats down to inspect the splashed rainbow.

“Acrylic and oils.” I show him the finished masterpiece displayed on the easel above […]

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In-laws, Outlaws & Granny Flats

By |October 21st, 2015|

What is a Granny Flat?
At Mid-Morning it seems that it takes a full studio plus an author by phone to answer that question.
In studio with Lynne and me was Jan and George Glass, their daughter, Deb […]

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What’s My Day Job?

By |October 14th, 2015|

Have I told you about my day job? You’ve heard of surprise parties? Well, I am the surprise producer for WBCL’s Mid-Morning.
For the past couple of decades I’ve been around the studio often enough […]

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Is Life Worth Living?

By |October 14th, 2015|

Is life worth living? Is your life worth living? Do you know someone who is asking that question?

The is a practical tool that can help answer that question.

Take the test. Then if you […]

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Backed Into a Corner By Backtalk?

By |October 5th, 2015|

Feeling backed into a corner by backtalk?  Is backtalk  driving you batty?

It’s normal for children to test boundaries. A common boundary children push is to find out if you will accept, tolerate, and react […]

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September 2015

Hurricane Hugo Anniversary

By |September 21st, 2015|

“Before Hugo.” “After Hugo.” For St. Croix residents, the storm that bulldozed 95 percent of the island is a permanent reference point like the birth of Christ.

September is the 26th anniversary of the category […]

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Take a Dive Trip to the Ocean Floor

By |September 2nd, 2015|

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is what they do.

My friend, John Froehlich, hosts the best dive trips through the Anchor Shack. In this short, excellent film, go along with the divers without leaving home.


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