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How Many Moms Can You Help?

The goal is to give 1000 gifts of encouragement.

Stats show that more than 12 million women in the United States are single moms. These brave women dedicate their lives to nurture the next generation. When their partners leave, they stay the course; cooling a fevered child, helping with homework, teaching life skills, and soothing […]

Remembering: Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day

This week we remember those babies who took an early journey home. October 15 is pregnancy and infant loss day. In honor of those beloved children and their parents who miss them, I am reprinting this story of my experience when I said good-bye to my daughter Violet Hope Wells.

After reading this article in […]

Relative of the Heart

Today we say good-bye, see you later in heaven, to one of the grandest men I have known.

Dale Alles has been my neighbor for 18 years, and a family member since we moved to 1000 North in Roanoke. At 17 he asked his dad to sign for him to enter the World War II […]

Inverted Jenny is Airborne Again

Here is a unique gift idea with a touch of treasure and a place in history. This is perfect for eccentrics, collectors, children, grandchildren, and those who read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  

Eager to celebrate the first airmail flight, the Post Office issued in May of 1918, the Inverted Jenny postage stamp with the […]

Have a Party!

Have a party!
What is there to celebrate for the single parent? Wherever you find yourself this season, God is there with you!!! As surely as God was there for the three in the fire, for the woman at the well, for the woman caught in adultery and brought before Jesus, for the Ethiopian on the […]

Guarding Your Castle

Week 12: Guard at the Castle Gate
Keeping watch over our children’s safety

Can single parent homes be healthy families? The answer is a resounding “Yes!”

And it takes effort and diligence.

God is aware of our challenges to keep our children safe and he cares for us as we protect our little ones. Isaiah 40:11, “He […]

Guess Who is on the Best Seller List!

The Slave Across the Street that I co-wrote with Theresa Flores is an audio finalist and made the Wall Street Journal bestseller list at No. 5 and the USA Today Bestseller list at #85!

The Slave Across the Street is the true story of an upscale Detroit teen caught in sex trafficking. Her riveting story […]

Do I Have To Forgive?

Week 11: A Pea Under the Mattress                
Do I Have To Forgive?

Read Psalm 121

What is the difference between grief and unforgiveness?

Often times we have difficulty forgiving because we don’t have a clear understanding of what forgiveness is and what it is not. Once you understand Godly forgiveness, […]

Why Go To Church?

Class 10: Safe in the Brick House
Church, Where We Connect and Belong

It was winter outside and it was winter in my soul when I made the trip to another town to say good-bye to a special friend.
Cold and wet, I followed the funeral party to a local church. Though it was not […]

What’s For Dinner?

A friend designed a unique RSVP card for her wedding invitations. Along with a space to reply “yes we are attending” is an area to include a favorite recipe for the newlyweds.
Our evenings in Indiana are cooler and thoughts turn to bon fires and hot mulled cider. Simmering on the stove is my daughter’s […]