Coming out of a broken relationship, two things happen. We are often eager to get into another relationship, and people around us are eager for us to get into another relationship.

On a personal level, it feels odd to be unattached. Alone. A single in a couple’s world. If someone found us attractive, it would certainly boost our wounded self-esteem. It would soothe those burning feelings of rejection.

This period of desperately desiring to be in relationship is real and it is powerful. As one woman put it, all men look the same and they all look good.

Those around us want us to find a relationship quickly for two reasons. They believe it will alleviate our pain over the end of this relationship. And it appears to be the answer to solving the awkward issue of getting together and doing things when most folks are a couple of some sort and you and I are definitely single.

It is wonderful to be in love and to be loved. It is important for a single parent to know your motivation as you begin to date. After all, it is no longer just about us. Our decisions affect our children.

A poet looks at the world
the way a man looks at a woman.

                                                                                               Wallace Stevens