9780825439308-copy-16 “You can spell “love” a thousand different ways,” said Virginia Reynolds. I go into more detail on this topic in my book, Rediscovering Your Happily Ever After, but for now, here is a list of good habits that have served others:

•    Pray together frequently.

•    Enjoy regular devotions as a family.

•    Encourage and model a personal relationship with the Lord for each family member.

•    Use a respectful tone of voice. Children should be accustomed to being spoken to with respect by their parents. We set the standard and model for our children—both for how others should respect them and for how our children should show respect.

•    Say yes as often as possible. Be positive and reflect a world of possibility for our children. For those challenging requests, rather than an instantaneous “no,” say, “Let’s see how we can make this happen.”

•    Find opportunities to laugh together.

•    Keep in touch. Communicate. Give your children the security of knowing the schedule, what to expect in the day, where you are, and how to reach you.

•    “Come apart” or you will come apart. Take regular rest and refresh days. Vacations come in all shapes and sizes—from a week away to hot fudge sundaes, a walk, or a jaunt to the park.

Let us know the unique ways you show love in your family. How do you love your children? What tangible acts spell love in your family?